2019 Stonemaier Design Day Top 5

October 6, 2019 Jason Brooks No comments exist

Brookspun Games returned to Stonemaier Design Day in 2019 with a new and improved version of Legacies with streamlined rules, graphic design, and art. The entire event was once again VERY well organized and an incredibly enjoyable experience – especially because I had the chance to reconvene with “old friends” from last year and make even more new friends this year. I played some very clever and creative games with potential and even encountered the first dexterity game (beyond Crokinole) that I TRULY enjoyed – Feudal Flick.

While the event is not a competition, playtesters are encouraged to rate the games they play. Legacies finished in the top 5 again this year further solidifying our plan to launch on Kickstarter later this fall.

A 6-player playtest of Legacies at Stonemaier Design Day 2019

We look forward to returning to Stonemaier Design Day in 2020 with another design and – hopefully – with a published copy of Legacies in hand to share with Pieces Board Game Cafe for being such a great venue for a fantastic event!

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