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Posted by Jason Brooks on November 4, 2019

Incredible media coverage on Legacies!

We gave several media outlets the opportunity to preview Legacies in advance of our Kickstarter launch and their comments were – astounding!

Never Bored Gaming said “This is definitely going to be a ‘Game of the Year’ contender!”

Rahdo’s runthrough of the gameplay was fantastic and should give anyone a great understanding of how to play Legacies. His final thoughts, though, vastly exceeded any expectations we could have possibly had. To be compared to such amazing established designers was a truly humbling moment.

“It’s the highest praise I can give that it feels like a Vital Lacerda game!”

“This has got to be one of the most impressive, audacious board game design debuts I have ever seen! It’s so good!”

We could have never predicted the game would be met with such high praise and are even MORE excited to bring Legacies to your game table!

Posted by Jason Brooks on October 6, 2019

2019 Stonemaier Design Day Top 5

Brookspun Games returned to Stonemaier Design Day in 2019 with a new and improved version of Legacies with streamlined rules, graphic design, and art. The entire event was once again VERY well organized and an incredibly enjoyable experience – especially because I had the chance to reconvene with “old friends” from last year and make even more new friends this year. I played some very clever and creative games with potential and even encountered the first dexterity game (beyond Crokinole) that I TRULY enjoyed – Feudal Flick.

While the event is not a competition, playtesters are encouraged to rate the games they play. Legacies finished in the top 5 again this year further solidifying our plan to launch on Kickstarter later this fall.

A 6-player playtest of Legacies at Stonemaier Design Day 2019

We look forward to returning to Stonemaier Design Day in 2020 with another design and – hopefully – with a published copy of Legacies in hand to share with Pieces Board Game Cafe for being such a great venue for a fantastic event!

Posted by Jason Brooks on August 13, 2019

GenCon 2019

What a fantastic time! My son, Brady, and I took Legacies to the First Exposure Playtest Hall at GenCon for the second year in a row and had many productive playtests with great players from all over including a couple of players who returned to see the game’s progress since GenCon 2018! The event was also filled with tons of meetings with manufacturers, media, custom accessory creators, and friends – both new and old. To top it all off, Legacies ended up being one of the games featured in the Dice Tower’s Mark Streed’s GenCon recap video (around the 24:00 mark)!

Posted by Jason Brooks on June 27, 2019

Legacies is on Board Game Geek (and Rahdo noticed)!

Earlier this month Legacies was added to the Board Game Geek database and within days, the great board game reviewer – Rahdo – had noticed and included Legacies in his 2019 Games of Interest list (you can hear about it in his June podcast on the topic). Subscribe to Legacies at Board Game Geek for the latest updates and feel free to join in the dialogue in the forums.

Posted by Jason Brooks on May 26, 2019

Gaming at Geekway

Brookspun Games visited Geekway to the West for the first time in St. Louis, Missouri. It was a fantastic convention with ~3,000 attendees and a great venue. We had two of our designs there which were played by dozens of attendees. Bite Me – our zombie social deduction game – was one of the designs chosen for the Geekway Design Contest. While we didn’t win, we had a blast watching so many people play our game and accuse their friends and family members of being a zombie that must be avoided at all costs! Legacies was out on the main floor each day catching people’s eye and racking up many more playtests. Many of the graphic design changes implemented by Yoma have really helped to simplify the learning curve for new players and get them past the “how do I play?” mindset into the “ooo – so many good decisions, which one will I choose?” mindset. I’ll definitely be returning to Geekway in the future with so many friendly faces and such a welcoming, fun environment.