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Posted by Jason Brooks on July 19, 2018

GenCon 2018 – First Exposure Playtest Hall

In two weeks, we’ll be playtesting two of our games at GenCon’s First Exposure Playtest Hall. Come join us to try out and provide feedback on either (or BOTH) of our prototypes. Legacies is a strategic worker placement game that has you forging relationships, building heirlooms, making investments, and identifying successors to cement your legacy over the span of three centuries. Alien Autopsy Academy is a hilarious two-player light strategy game where two fledgling students shove probes and scalpels into aliens while trying not to destroy the universe. Even if you don’t have time to try one of our games, stop in and look for our banner to say “Hi”!

Posted by Jason Brooks on August 13, 2017

GenCon50 – 50 Puns in 50 Tweets

Jason will be attending GenCon50 in Indianapolis this year and plans to make the rounds, meeting designers, industry superstars, and board game fans throughout the convention.  To chronicle his experience, Jason has challenged himself to achieve 50 “Meet & Tweet”s.  What’s a Meet & Tweet?  It’s when you meet someone – take a photo to document the interaction – and tweet it.  Over 4 days, I plan to post 50 Meet & Tweets – EACH with their very own Brooks Pun!  Follow @brookspungames on Twitter or search #GenCon50 to find out who Jason encounters during GenCon50.

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