Gaming at Geekway

May 26, 2019 Jason Brooks No comments exist

Brookspun Games visited Geekway to the West for the first time in St. Louis, Missouri. It was a fantastic convention with ~3,000 attendees and a great venue. We had two of our designs there which were played by dozens of attendees. Bite Me – our zombie social deduction game – was one of the designs chosen for the Geekway Design Contest. While we didn’t win, we had a blast watching so many people play our game and accuse their friends and family members of being a zombie that must be avoided at all costs! Legacies was out on the main floor each day catching people’s eye and racking up many more playtests. Many of the graphic design changes implemented by Yoma have really helped to simplify the learning curve for new players and get them past the “how do I play?” mindset into the “ooo – so many good decisions, which one will I choose?” mindset. I’ll definitely be returning to Geekway in the future with so many friendly faces and such a welcoming, fun environment.

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