Brookspun Games has a number of designs in flight.  Interested in which ones are closest to becoming a reality? See our teasers below:

Life may be short, but your legacy can extend for generations - create relationships, investments, and heirlooms that maintain your influence on humanity hundreds of years into the future.

Humans will band together when faced with adversity, but how good are you at recognizing when someone's no longer human? - collaborate to identify the zombie in your midst before you get bitten yourself in this social deduction game.

Ever wanted to be the one to stick a probe in an alien?  Poke and prod your way through the mysteries of the biological universe as you and a fellow newbie classmate attempt to divine the mysteries of the universe from a collection of cosmic cadavers.

From the seed of an ideology to the end of the world - lead a faction that eerily models earth's history and, more frighteningly, forebodes the fate of earth's future in this 4X epic adventure... do you have what it takes to inspire others and bring the fate of humanity to the end you predicted???

A priest, a rabbi, and a pastor enter a casino... They wouldn't do anything inappropriate, would they?!? That's up to you to decide in this "take that" card game.